I've been passionate about helping boys and girls improve their throwing for a long time. It's astonishing to me how much bad information is being taught especially to girls.

It's been frustrating to help them only to have them tell me their coach wants them to do things differently with patterns that don't work.  The same is true for what I'm told they are being taught at clinics.

I always tell players and parents that if someone (including me) can't explain why they want you to do something and how it's better than what you're already doing don't listen to them. Unfortunately this causes friction if it's the person deciding if you're going to make a team or play.

It's hard making changes and if you don't know why you're doing something it leads to confusion and lack of buy in.

I've made a few short videos outlining how I teach throwing. It's very basic and far from complete but a good place to start understanding good movements and how to sequence them to build an efficient throwing motion.

There's a simple sequence I use that I believe can help your daughter or son begin understanding good throwing movements and steadily improve.

I invite you to check the videos out and give them a try. Parents you do them to so you can feel what's going on.