Throwing/Fielding Program Baseball/Softball

Rising Starz throwing program for baseball and softball players will help your athlete discover the best way to throw.  

No two athletes are identical and no one looks exactly the same throwing.  The players will go through a complete warm up for the shoulders and elbows followed by various throwing drills using a variety of weighted and regulation balls to refine their individual throwing motion. The sessions will end with a recovery segment to help prepare for the next session.

The program will meet twice a week for four to five weeks and have your son or daughter ready to be at their best for the upcoming season and significantly reduce the risk of an injury throughout the season.

We will also work on footwork and agility as it applies to throwing and fielding.

This is the third year of an ongoing project to raise the level of throwing for baseball and softball players willing to put in the time and effort to see how good they can be.


Sessions will begin in February and run around 4-5 weeks meeting twice a week.




Times will be filled on first come first served basis. I try to group players by age and ability. 

Cost is $180 based on 8 sessions. Discounts for multiple players same family.