Sports psychology and mental training are subjects that are often overlooked and not well understood by parents and coaches at all levels.  Team dynamics, motivation and unclear goals are often the difference between a great experience or a miserable season.

Rising Starz Team Building Workshop can help you and your team gain insights and learn strategies necessary to develop great team chemistry. The fun and fast-paced program uses several team building games, challenges, and exercises to reveal the strengths and areas for improvement of your team.

Led by Bozeman High counselor Anne Sullivan-MA, LCPC. A mental health professional for over 30 years, Anne has facilitated group programs in corporate, outdoor adventure and youth sport settings in addition to high school and private practice counseling.

Anne can help coaches and players determine a common and compelling goal, build a lasting commitment, define and appreciate roles, communicate more clearly, minimize and manage conflict, and create a more cohesive team.

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Team Building Workshop

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