Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning June 9 ending July 30. Time 9-1030.

 At Rising Starz Sports Academy 421 Griffin unit 3 in Bozeman

Another group will be added after this group fills. If we do two groups I'll group them by age and ability as much as possible.

$300 per athlete. Second athletes same family $240.

Getting strong is a key to getting faster and protecting from injury.  Many girls are lacking in this important area.

Rising Starz summer speed/strength training program for girls will focus on the important movement patterns that need to be mastered to be a great athlete.

This program is great for athletes gearing for the fall season.  We will begin with general strength work and progress to explosive power training to prepare the athlete for the competitive fall season.

Each session will work on sprinting drills and timing of sprints to track progress.

We will use body weight, resistance bands and weights with emphasis on proper form to take your athlete to a new level of fitness and confidence.

Perfect of athletes in or entering high school that participates in a fall or winter sport.

Girls Summer Speed/Strength Program