Saturday OCTOBER 19, 2019 Time TBD

Come to Rising Starz for a free information program for softball players.

We will cover physical training for female athletes focusing on efficient movement patterns and how they affect speed and strength training and translate into softball skills.

Many young athletes (and adults) don't move very well and it shows in their performance. We will go over some basic concepts relating to posture and movement that when mastered will have a profound effect on skill training.

We will also cover speed technique and my plan to develop it in our fall/winter training program as well as some specific footwork for fielding and throwing.

We will finish up with some throwing work and a short talk on hitting.

The session will last about 90 minutes and I can handle around 12. I'll do as many sessions as there is interest for. If you'd like to reserve a spot fill out the form to your right.

Times will begin in the morning around 930.

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