Rising Starz Amazons

So happy we found you. Our daughter has become stronger, faster and more flexible. Having your classes in between sports has kept her at the top of her abilities and in shape. Thanks for working around the girl's busy schedules! I highly recommend using you, thanks Dan!


The Amazon program is for  girls involved in competitive sports at the high school or club levels. Girls of all ages will benefit from this program. It adapted for the development level of each athlete particularly in the strength segment.

This is a complete athletic development program. Each session will feature a complete warm up, multi-directional speed and agility training, jump and power exercises and strength work.

We will work a lot on acceleration and footwork as it pertains to softball. I'll be timing the girls each session to chart progress and teach how to maximize effort.

Later in November we will work on throwing and fielding skills.

Poor posture and movement patterns and lack of strength are major reasons for the epidemic of non contact knee injuries in female athletes.

Please fill out form below or contact me for more information.

579-1429 or email danpurpura@risingstarzmt.com

Girls program will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-530 and run November through January or February.

$189/month Discount for multiple athletes in same family