HS Boys Strength/Throwing Program

This program is for high school baseball players. We will meet MWF for 90 minutes for minimum of three months.

It will combine what I see the greatest needs for these players which is training for strength, speed and throwing for pitching and position play.

Most players need to get much stronger in good patterns to realize their potential in developing baseball skills. The also need to develop speed for all areas of play.

Every player can benefit from improving their throwing patterns to become a better player and remain injury free.

The first month will be dedicated to improving movement patterns and developing strength and speed.

We will then add a throwing program to help your son understand the best way to throw for him and progress to improving mechanics for pitching and position play.

I'll do at least two sessions with one beginning in early October and another after the fall ball and football season ends and will run at least through January. I can handle 8 players in each session.

Cost is $220/month. Tentatively the groups will run 4-530 and 530-7 MWF.

Just wanted to mention that two of my uncles were able to come watch the boys in Spokane both commented on how much faster Payton has become since the last time they saw him play.  He's also had football coaches and parents comment on his improved speed our answer "Dan's Speed Camp".